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Below are past patients of Dr. Sartz. that have videos posted on Neuropathy Treatment Center of Arizona's YouTube Channel. For more follow the link.

Written testimonials can be found on Google Review.

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Bill H.

Patient since 2018

"I took a cruise and was able to walk in Europe at all our port of calls."

Roger K.

Patent since 2018

"I can feel my shoes, and my feet again."

Michael N.

Patent since 2013

"I went with my grandkids to Disneyland, averging 10 miles a day and did not stumble, trip, or fall once."

Leeta G.

Patent since 2021

"I can turn quickly and not fall down. I can walk without my cane."

Cynthia O.

Patent since 2008

"I would stomp my feet from the neuropathy. After treatment, I did not have pain anymore in my feet."

Martin L.

I started Dr. Sartz’s treatment in 2016, my balance was getting bad, and I had a lot of numbness and pain. I had fallen on the golf course and was having trouble dancing. It’s now 2023, I golf 3 days a week and dance with my wife 2 to 3 times a week so I can golf 3 times a week. I don’t have pain, numbness or any balance issues and haven’t for almost 7 years. All done at home while I watch TV, 20 minutes per foot, 2 to 3 times a week. I’ve watched others in my park get worse over the years and I’ve told them to go see Dr. Sartz and they just tell me that their neuropathy is worse than mine. It sure is, but I don’t think it had to be.


The neuropathy in my legs used to go from my toes to my knees. After just a few weeks of using the Neuro light therapy. the feeling has returned from my knees down to the bottom of my feet. I highly recommend Dr. Startz

Richard K.

I have spent so much time and money trying to find some help, almost didn’t do this one, seemed like things I tried before, but let me tell you it’s not. The pain is gone, I’m sleeping through the night, my balance is improving, I’m walking again. I’m getting my life back!

Vance R.

Dr. Sartz has done an amazing job helping be gain better control over my neuropathy. I am very pleased with my progress. In addition, Dr. Sartz is a very caring and helpful doctor. I would highly recommend him and his fine services.

Kim L.

I’ve been dealing with small fiber neuropathy for many years. Throughout this time I have lost some feeling in my legs and feet. Since starting my therapy in April I have begun to get some of my feeling back already. Looking forward to see what the future holds. Dr Sartz and Elizabeth have been wonderful to work with!

Shirley M.

I was diagnosed with neuropathy in 2003. Took the medications, they helped for a while, but in 2017 it got much worse, lots of pain, not sleeping, numbness, started to have some real balance issues and it started to go into my hands. Tried some alternative treatments, CET, laser, infrared, Sanexas, some injections, they all seemed to help some, but only for a short time. The best I got was 3 to 4 months of relief once I stopped the treatments. My husband and I moved to Arizona in 2020 from Pennsylvania.  The neuropathy really started to get bad at Christmas. Saw Dr. Sartz in February of 2021 and I have been pain free since April 2021. I’ve had pretty normal sensation in my feet and hands since November 2021, the numbness took a little longer to get rid of. I’ve continued to do the treatments at home as he directed me and wouldn’t really know I had neuropathy now.  

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