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Neuropathy is treatable, just not curable. So how do you keep it under control? KEEP TREATING IT!

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THE QUESTION YOU ALWAYS NEED TO ASK ABOUT ANY TREATMENT FOR NEUROPATHY IS: HOW LONG WILL THE RELIEF FROM THE TREATMENT LAST? Ask to speak with some patients that concluded treatments 2 to 4 years ago. See how they are doing. Did their neuropathy return? How long did the results last? In most cases the relief will only last 2 to 6 months. Our at home treatment protocols actually can provide lifetime relief. Spending 20 to 50 minutes a day during the healing stage then 20 to 40 minutes a week there after can provide a lifetime of relief without fear of it returning. Schedule a consultation, see what truly can be done. 7 Studies published in 2010, 2012, and 2015 showed the treatments we use with the correct nutritional components increased nerve density at the skin level by over 400%, literally reversing the neuropathy. Follow up studies published in 2015 showed that without continuous treatment, though not as frequent as in the healing stage, the regenerated nerve cells would begin to die off again in 3 to 8 months and the neuropathy would return, but with a maintenance treatment protocol no cellular degeneration occurred in 99.2% of the patients. Thus providing longterm, lifetime relief. The above studies are why I changed to a home treatment protocol. The same one I did in office for the first 7 years I treated neuropathy, so I know it works. It is easy to do, affordable and extremely effective, providing a way to have a lifetime of relief as you can treat yourself as needed for the rest of your life. Once the healing phase is done the monthly office visits are no longer needed. Though I am always available by phone if you have a question. WHY IT WORKS: There are four somewhat accepted theories of mechanism of neuropathy.  A lack of normal levels of oxygen attached to the red blood cell, (what happens with diabetes or excessive alcohol use).  A general lack of blood flow. A micro-circulatory compression at the location of a nerve passing beneath a ligament or muscle.  An inability to transfer oxygen to the nerve cell from the blood stream.  There is an ongoing debate on which mechanism is most likely. No one debates that no matter which mechanism is responsible for neuropathy there is an underlying cause that started the mechanism to occur.  Over 200 of them in fact, diabetes is the single most common cause, chemotherapy, vitamin deficiencies, etc. The most common diagnosis though is idiopathic neuropathy where the cause cannot be identified. Diabetics make up 30% of neuropathy sufferers, but 40% are diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy.  The 3,000 plus published research studies that have been done over the past 54 years have shown that a combination of infrared and electro therapy with the correct nutritional components, which vary due to the various different causes of neuropathy, will correct whichever mechanism is involved and allow for regeneration the nerve, in the majority of cases back to 100% efficiency, there by completely reversing the neuropathy.  Infrared and electro therapy addresses the first and fourth mechanism by increasing the permeability of the nerve cell to oxygen and nutrients, thus increasing utilization of the available oxygen, while stimulating the mitochondria (the energy production center of a cell) which allows for regeneration of new nerve cells. (Published studies of pre and post treatment nerve biopsies have shown over a 400% increase in nerve growth). Infrared and electro therapy addresses the second and third mechanism by relaxing the tissues, allowing for greater dilation of the blood vessels while relaxing the ligaments and muscles that may be causing the restriction.  The nutritional components further increase a Nobel Prize winning discovery of Nitric Oxide which further dilates blood vessels, relaxes muscles and ligaments while increasing permeability of the nerve cell wall for greater absorption of the available oxygen and nutrients. Additional nutritional components are used to make sure there are enough raw products for production of new nerve cells.  They will vary depending on the cause of the neuropathy. In years past infrared had limitations due to the heat produced by various infrared units. Neuropathy affects the sensory nerves, and in most cases, will cause an individual to be unable to feel heat.  This limited the energy output that could be used to treat a patient to avoid risking burning the patient.  This in turn decreased the overall effectiveness of the treatment itself.  Cold lasers were tried to counteract the lack of energy but were limited in both the size of the area that could be effectively treated and length of time due to size of the light source and high intensity energy output creating a high heat output. In 2018 a new infrared unit was developed specifically for neuropathy that effectively dissipated the heat normally generated from infrared allowing treatment at a significantly higher energy output over a larger area without the risk of burning the patient. This revolution not only increased the percentage of people that respond, now at 98%, but the amount of relief received, up to 100%.  There is one more aspect of neuropathy that needs to be addressed. The fact that there is always an underlying cause. No treatment currently available is going to cure diabetes or eliminate the reason neuropathy started in the first place.  This is especially true with idiopathic neuropathy where the initial cause is unknown. Getting relief from neuropathy is great, but if there is no way to maintain the relief it can be almost devastating when it returns.  A study published in 2015 showed that without a maintenance treatment the regenerated cells would die off again in 3 to 8 months depending on the cause of the neuropathy, but with a maintenance treatment protocol no cellular degeneration occurred. This held true for both infrared and electro-therapy nerve regeneration. So, how do we stop neuropathy from returning once a treatment protocol has been completed? This is addressed by having a treatment regimen that can be done at home as needed to maintain the relief.  The infrared unit I use is the most powerful one on the market and only available to doctors, I invite you click on this link to their website and read more: The Electro-therapy I use is the Rebuilder here is a link to their website: PLEASE VISIT THE 'WE GET LASTING RESULTS PAGE Neuropathy has over 200 identified causes, a single treatment protocol will not address all the different causes.  Our treatment protocols are individually tailored to each patient's needs that we accept for care.  I invite you to come in for a free neuropathy consultation and evaluation, we will go over your history, do a thorough evaluation of your neuropathy and nitric oxide levels.  The evaluation is noninvasive, as neuropathy is diagnosed based upon a medical history and physical examination of the feet and/or hands. During an examination, there may be signs of nerve injury, including: Loss of the ability to sense vibration and movement in the toes or feet (e.g., when the toe is moved up or down) Loss of the ability to sense pain, light touch, and temperature in the toes or feet Loss or reduction of the Achilles tendon reflex More extensive testing, including nerve conduction studies, nerve biopsy, or imaging tests (e.g., X-ray or computed tomography [CT] scan), is not usually needed to diagnose neuropathy. The consultation will take about 90 minutes and is one on one with me. My goal is and always has been to provide a way that people could have a neuropathy free life, be able to enjoy each day without having the pain, numbness, fear of falling and I can honestly say I now have a way to accomplish that for the patients that I accept for care. Over the past 37 years I have learn what works long term and doesn’t and I welcome the opportunity to see if I can provide you with the help you seek. Because medications do not prevent neuropathy from getting worse we have developed an effective alternative protocol to eliminate neuropathy. From NASA Spinoff, 5/19/2022:  Although decades of studies indicate INFRARED LIGHT CAN HEAL -including extensive research funded by NASA-the mounting evidence hasn't always drawn the attention that might be expected for such a striking discovery.   This may be because the science behind it hasn't been well understood. For example, although a Danish physician received a Nobel Prize in 1903 for discovering that exposure to concentrated red light accelerated the healing of sores, he remained reluctant to put it into practice without understanding why it worked. A larger barrier to acceptance, though, has probably been that it simply sounds unbelievable. In a 1989 paper about the health benefits of low-powered laser light, biophysicist Tiina Karu noted that the treatment appeared "highly incredible and even mysterious." What's more, she wrote, its effectiveness against many different ailments only added to doubts by creating the appearance of a woverbial snake-oil panacea. Karu hypothesized that red light treated many afflictions because it improved overall cell function by stimulating the mitochondria that drive metabolism in animal cells. This would accelerate cell production and relieve oxidative stress, a factor that causes inflammation and symptoms of aging and ultimately contributes to diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and other illnesses.

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